• More Income & Less Taxes for Your Clients!

    Insured Asset Conversion Trust. A planning strategy that help your retiree clients increase income, potentially reduce income taxes, and pass on 100% or more of the assets used to their named beneficiaries - TAX FREE! Is there really one product that can do it all? NO. However by combining a properly structured combination of two products, you can get it done.


    Your opportunity. All of your retiree clients have likely set aside "safe money." Perhaps they haven't even told you about it. The Insured Asset Conversion Trust Strategy(IACT) will help you get control, while providing huge benefits to your client. ALL WITH LITTLE OR NO RISK.


    Turnkey Program. Trusted Advisors Network can help you make this profitable part of your business with our simple, program that will provide a custom presentation and unbiased objective product selection to build a solution that is right for each of your clients unique situations.

    CLICK HERE to watch a recorded webinar of how it all works (35 minutes).

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